Christian Gardens

Right now, God is raising up the "Body of Christ" across the USA and world, to build something extraordinary for Jesus Christ, in the "Heart" of the Texas Hill Country!  Believers from all denominations and streams of Christianity are now joining together to build a beautiful, last days "Tabernacle in the wilderness", on a hill overlooking Kerrville, Texas.  The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden is located exactly half way between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean on Interstate 10, at the same latitude of Israel!

The Garden "vision" was supernaturally birthed on December 9, 2001, through an amazing prophetic word by Dr. Mahesh Chavda. It was confirmed eight months later by another stranger, evangelist, Marlon Quibodeaux. The only purpose of this free, non-profit Christian Garden is to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.

God has already raised up thousands of Christians, from across the USA and world, to pray for the completion and success of this Holy Spirit inspired evangelistic "vision".

These people have included many notable Christians such as: Dr. James Dobson; Franklin Graham; Dr. Bill Bright; Dr. Pat Robertson; Dr. Luis Palau; Dr. Charles Stanley; Dr. Henry Blackaby; Dr. Rick Warren; June Hunt; Tony Perkins; Alan Sears; Coach Bill McCartney; Dr. Richard Lee; Dr. Richard Land; Joni Ericson Tada; Dr. Garth Coonce; Dr. Paul Crouch; Marcus & Joni Lamb; Dr. John & Diana Hagee; Ken Hagin; Dr. Frank Wright; Dr. Chuck Pierce; Bill Johnson; Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne; Jesse Duplantis; Herman & Sharron Bailey; Bob D'Andrea; Dr. T.L. Lowery; Graham Cooke; Dr. Michael Guido; Stephen Strang; Lee Grady; Mahesh Chavda; Steve Hill; CEO of Coca Cola Bottling Consolidated, Frank Harrison; Training Vice-President for Chick-fil-A, Mark Conklin; Norm Miller, CEO of Interstate Batteries; Actor Steven Balwin; US Senator, Dr. Bill Frist and White House Liaison,  Tim Goeglein; among others.


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of the Garden "vision."

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giant cross being moved to the Garden.

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on the mountain.